The Big Fish Team

Enthusiastic & insightful, our creative team of graphic design professionals & technology experts are a league of super-heroes at your disposal.


We are the visual presence of your business. 

All day. Every day.

Our Approach

With state-of-the-art hardware, dynamic software and clean installation, we create eye-catching graphic design and clear communication for every client. We approach every project with your best interest in mind.


Clients are rightly concerned about what is displayed in their stores. That’s why we work hard to establish hardware, software and installation protocols with your brand and image in mind. Our software utilizes proprietary 1's and 0's and offers stability from crashes and frozen screens. Each client is given simple tips and protocol steps to maximize the effective use of our sign products. This wizardry gives our clients the confidence that their messages will be seen all day, every day, without interruption.  If however, the tech does disfunction, our support team is ready to help get your message back in front of your target audience.

Communication Clarity

Communication is a relationship business. We’re committed to talking with you in person, returning phone calls the same day and sending concise, prompt emails. At every step of the process, we do what we say and say what we mean. Work with us and we’ll operate with transparency, excitement and complete customer satisfaction as our goal.



You've done your part. Now we'll put your best face forward. We create images to promote in-house messages, help you up-sell or announce a sale, and showcase your best products and services.